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Editorial Ingest

The Cubix platform can also offer services for automated import, management and ingest of the media with associated metadata into editorial environments such as Avid. Intertwined with the core capabilities around hierarchies, mezzanine and ancillary files, taskflow and media rules to perform a variety of tasks that are essential to an editorial workflow – including direct ingest to Interplay.

Cubix has the ability to integrate with editing suites and understand the concept of Projects, each with a unique project ID – along with any associated parameters of the project for amount of storage purchased, etc. Also, allowing for pro-active alerts to be sent out when limits are approached / exceeded. Some of this data may also possible be imported directly from a local schedule applications.

Furthermore, Cubix can manage content directly from a nearline folder or source drive / LTO – associated against a project – providing a full report for the content present on the source folder / medium in situ – including full folder name, content type, length, codec, raster and aspect ratio, etc. Cubix would monitor and manage these storage locations through the use of one or more “harnesses”. Cubix can produce Excel / PDF reports of all content stored – not only the original drive – and showing what decision was taken during the transfer – e.g. if a transcode was scheduled, but also details for publish to Avid itself. These reports can be scheduled to be received via email, or created on demand.

Another element within Cubix, are the tools to automatically “wrangle” the content into correct formats suitable for ingest – as well as create Avid proxies in such formats as JFIF 15:1 / Meridien Compressed and DNxHD36. It is also “site aware” so that transcodes and other activities occur on the right equipment / storage to match where the content resides – as defined by configurable rules. These rules are obviously defined differently, depending on the client’s needs.

As mentioned previously, scheduling is an integral part of any editorial workflow. Being able to Schedule transcodes as required to XDCAM and a variety of other formats for content that has no timecode track (e.g. GoPro, etc.) – before then the ability to transcode to any of the Avid bundled codecs. We give users the granular control to choose what metadata is baked into the transcode per file. Examples of this are disk labels, tape ID’s etc. This includes ALE Metadata within AAF to Avid and would include all clips from different sources such as Parent Card or Folder name. This allows Cubix to be able to publish content or an AAF directly into Avid based on a defined workspace (provided as part of the project data) – including the creation an auto-sequence of the media on a single timeline within the AAF labelled as per the “Parent Card or Folder name”.

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