BlackMagic Design – Audio and KeyKode Reader for Cintel Scanner


Audio and KeyKode Reader

The optional Audio and KeyKode Reader lets you capture high quality audio along with KeyKode information from the film. The reader features a magnetic audio head or deep red LED illumination with advanced optics, electro formed slits, and precision mechanical adjustments for azimuth, zenith and yaw to give you the best possible audio capture with incredible high frequency response. The reader also features a precision capstan and encoder that allows for automatic correction of wow and flutter, allowing you to accurately capture audio, even when the scanner speed changes! The KeyKode Reader provides you with unique identification numbers for each film frame so they can be easily correlated with the corresponding video timecode. Installation is easy and all you need to do is bolt the reader onto the front of the chassis and it will automatically be detected.

The audio reader supports 35mm Optical sound, and 16mm optical and commag sound.


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Audio and Keykode Reader for Blackmagic Design Cintel Film Scanner

16mm Mag and Optical Audio

35mm Optical Audio

Keykode Reader