DFT Scanity HDR Film Scanner and Configuration

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The Scanity HDR benefits from its new High Dynamic Range capabilities for Black and White materials; now capable up to 5.0 ND and at real time 2K speeds. Further, enhanced by its fresh contemporary livery, identifying it as a new variety of Scanity.

Additionally, Scanity HDR comes Wetgate ( pre-prepared ) , allowing clients to pick at the point of sale, or downstream post install a brand new Wetgate solution for either 16mm or 35mm film transfers; this prototype technology ( static demo) will also be on show at NAB. There will be extra details available during the show regarding these new products.


Key Features:
Real time 2K and 4K data


4K ultra HD ready

High dynamic range

Exceptional, versatile and safe film handling

Enhances productivity and workflow efficiency

Optional wet-gate technology

Shrinkage compensation up to 5 percent

Handling of irregular warped or twisted film using its contactless scan processing

Simultaneous audio ingest via its COM- OPTICAL or COM-MAG optionĀ 

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