Big Pic Media @ BVE 2019 with IMF and HDR focus

Big Pic Media are pleased to announce our attendance at BVE 2019 with our booth (A40) focussing on IMF (Interoperable Mastering Format) and HDR (High Dynamic Range) workflows.

With the demand for IMF/HDR workflows ever increasing for High End Studio and VoD deliverables now is the time to review the workflows you have in place to meet this demand. 2019 will also see many content owners looking to adopt an IMF strategy with the release of the IMF for Broadcast application utilising the Pro Res Codec with many large Broadcasters looking to start to review there implementation strategies this year.

Our booth includes the following demonstration systems:-

MTI Film Cortex – Cortex is a mastering tool for IMF/DCP and Broadcast applications with an intuitive and simple interface the system has a feel very similar to a recognisable edit platform. The application is fully certified for IMF mastering to the major studios and VoD platforms as well as for HDR 10, Dolby Vision and HLG workflows.

In addition we will be showing the unique Dead Pixel detection and repair tool ensuring you pass Studio QC.

Graymeta Iris Pro QC reference player – Iris is the defacto standard for Broadcast QC players, highly accurate and with a complete toolkit for IMF/DCP/Braodcast and HDR workflows.

Iris also has a Dolby soft CMU enabled to ensure your Dolby Vision content is accurately targeted to the display you are using.

Blackmagic Design Cintel V2 Film Scanner – The amazing 4k real time film scanning for the re-emerging film acquisition and archive market from the Cintel is a game changer, the system is by far the simplest and most intuitive scanning system in the market and with very little training almost anyone can use the machine, when you ally that to Resolve Studio you have an end to end solution from film to delivery.

Capella Cambria FTC/LIve – Cambria is an enterprise level tool for file transcoding with High Quality, High Speed transcoding. The system has a rest API as well as an intuitive user interface and support Motion Compensated Frame Rate Conversion and Source adaptive bitrate ladder for DASH/HLS. The system also fully support the latest Dolby Vision SDK and IMF for import and export.

NOTE: Capella will be located on a=our partners booth G24

Ortana Media Group Cubix – Ortana will be showcasing the CUBIX Content Supply Chain Solution this includes simple and efficient workflows for Robotic Bulk Ingest, Editorial Ingest, VoD fulfilment, Archive Migration and Research, AI Content Discovery and Pure Cloud Workflows.

NOTE: Ortana will be on our partner booth D52

SimplyULTRA – Symply will be demonstrating their SymplyULTRA clustered StorNext® powered Fibre Channel & Ethernet SAN solution.  The SymplyULTRA is built on an ultra-modern, ultra-fast and ultra-capable storage platform, using field-proven RAID storage, and featuring no single point of failure.  This makes the SymplyULTRA ideal for films scanning and finishing with Black Magic Cintel Film Scanner and DaVinci Resolve.  Symply will be demonstrating a complete IMF workflow with Big Pic featuring MTI Film Cortex, High end QC with GrayMeta Iris Pro QC, Cintel Film Scanner and DaVinvi Resolve.

OSEE 4k Reference monitor – OSEE have a truly costs effective 4k reference monitor for pixel for pixel QC of Mastered material. The unit is a Quad SDI input device with accurate colorimetry for under £2k!!

In addition we will have the 21″ HDR Display for smaller suite or on set HDR requirements.



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