Big Pic Media announce new partnership with Teamium

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Teamium, a new way to manage your Production and Post production processes. A purely subscription cloud based model allows you to select the level that suits your needs and allows you to scale as required.

Yannick Defrenne CEO at Teamium added, “This is an exciting time for Teamium and we are extremely happy to have appointed a UK representative with the great track record of Big Pic Media to ensure we have a proven path to success in this important market”

Teamium is a cloud based Production management software to automate and to centralize end-to-end production process. Designed with latest web and mobile technologies for today’s digital workplace, Teamium provides extended teams with all the collaboration tools they need to coordinate production work including budgeting scheduling and resource management.

Teamium is driving a generational transformation in the way teams collaborate to produce content. Teamium has integrated a powerful set of management, collaboration and productivity tools in one single package. Whether it is a local news TV station or a large distributed global ad agency looking to unify resources, Teamium has the tools to help them meet their business needs.

Teamium cloud subscription model eliminate software installation and maintenance headaches while the user experience focuses on minimized implementation and adoption time. Teamium can also be installed on an in-premises server or on a private cloud.

Teamium is a open platform enabling 3rd party integrations and apps with speed and simplicity. With its published APIs, you can establish 2 way communications with your ERP, HR or Payroll systems.