Leader – Rasterizer LV7390

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The LV 7390 is a rasterizer that can measure up to four SDI signals simultaneously.
It supports 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI input signals.
The measurement screen can be output at full HD resolution to SDI and DVI-I. The SDI output supports 3G-SDI and HD-SDI.
The LV 7390 is equipped with a free layout function that enables the displayed screens to be arranged freely. It can be customized according to your application. An enhanced layout function, which is an advanced version of the free layout function, comes standard.
Further, the new operation keys allow quick operation.
Additional options are available for 4K formats and loudness display.


  • Simultaneous Display of Four Video Signals
    The LV 7390 has four SDI input connectors compatible with 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI and can display up to four video signals simultaneously.
    Serially reclocked signals of each input signal is output from the four SDI output connectors.
  • Full HD Display
    The measurement screen can be output in SDI or DVI-I from the monitor output connector. The output signal can be displayed on an external LCD in full high definition resolution.
  • Free Layout of Measurement Screens
    The flexible free layout function not only enables video signal waveforms, video signal waveforms, pictures, and so on of the input SDI signals to be simultaneously displayed but also they can be displayed in the sizes and positions of your liking. Moreover, several SDI input signals can be displayed simultaneously and arranged in a manner that allows them to be compared. Different layout configurations can be achieved simply by using the mouse while viewing the monitor screen.
    * When multiple input signals are displayed simultaneously, each channel is displayed with the same layout.
  • Enhanced Layout Function
    This advanced version of the free layout function allows you to display a specific channel enlarged or arrange all display items freely. The enhanced layout function comes standard with the LV 7390. It allows you to set the item size for each channel and arrange the layout of multiple channel displays freely.
  • Operability to Assist VE
    Dedicated keys are available for functions that are used frequently in video content production, providing much improved operability. Camera adjustment and the like can be performed smoothly and quickly.
  • Camera ID, Iris, Tally Display
    The RS-422/485 serial communication function can be used to display camera IDs, iris, and the like as well as tally display. Camera information can be monitored centrally on the monitor screen.
  • Equivalent Cable Length Measurement
    Equivalent cable length measurement is possible on four inputs. This function displays SDI signal attenuation in terms of a coaxial cable length, which can be used to check the margin that the system has.
  • USB Mouse Operation
    A USB mouse can be used to operate the panel. If the measurement screen is displayed on an external monitor in SDI or DVI-I, you can control the LV 7390 by using a USB mouse while viewing the external monitor.
  • Audio Display
    The LV 7390 is standard-equipped with level meters for eight channels that can be used to check embedded audio.
  • Status Display
    The status display also has a feature for detecting CRC and other types of errors. It also has event log and phase difference measurement features enabling you to monitor SDI signals in detail.
    The CINELITE feature makes it easy to manage the levels of specific points on the picture display. On the video signal waveform and vector displays, a marker can be displayed at the position corresponding to a point on the picture display. Further, the CINEZONE feature makes it possible to check the luminance distribution of the whole picture display at a glance.
  • Screen Capture
    The LV 7390 is equipped with a screen capture feature, which captures the entire display as still-image data. Not only can captured data be displayed by the LV 7390, but it can also be compared with an input signal or saved to a USB memory device as bitmap data for viewing on a PC.
  • External Remote Control Connector
    The remote connector can be used to load presets, switch the input signal, and transmit alarms, and display tallies.
  • Ethernet Port
    By connecting the Ethernet interface to a PC, you can control the LV 7390 remotely over TELNET, transfer files over FTP, control the LV 7390 remotely and detect errors over SNMP, and control the LV 7390 over HTTP.