MTI Film Launches Cortex V5.3

Cortex v5.3 New Release

The latest version of the acclaimed MTI Film Cortex Dailies/QC and Mastering system is available with some great new features including One-To-Many the fastest way to make multiple deliverables simultaneously with in built intelligence to fully utilise your hardware resources producing amazing efficiency, Dolby Atmos, New features to our unique Dead Pixel Solution which now includes import of .csv files from other detection system for us to repair and many more………

Coming June 1

New features include

One-To-Many Rendering

Loudness Meter

Dolby AtmosĀ®

Dead Pixel Detection

– Region of Interest Exclusion

– Improved Sensitivity

– Import External CSV Pixel List

Composition Reel to render only selected shots

Composition Render multiple audio configs

Quibi 9×16 Format