BlackMagic Design – Cintel V3 firmware release

The headline feature is the introduction of HDR scanning.  Although this firmware release is free of charge,  If any of you are scanning particularly dense print film then they will see a marked improvement with the new HDR gates.  This is because the gates have been modified to allow for a new Cintel calibration process, the result of which delivers a significantly better signal to noise ratio in the shadow detail. Current estimates are around 2.5x, however, the actual improvement will depend on the type of film stock being scanned.
The update includes a long list of new features and improvements demonstrating Blackmagics commitment to film scanning.

Here what’s new in Cintel 3.0

• Add Linux operating system support for Cintel Scanners.
• Add High Dynamic Range scanning.
• Add light source calibration status.
• Automatically detect film gauge which improves 16mm loading.
• Improve sub-pixel stabilization.
• Improve Cintel reader so fast deceleration is possible while capturing.
• Enable Cintel settings to be saved within DaVinci Resolve.
• Add resize filter for sub-pixel stabilization.
• Add hold framing for slow advance.
• Add Bi-phase/timecode support. (Cintel 2.0 only)
• Fix debayering artefact that could affect pixel highlights.
• Fix a potential rare dropped frame event aborting captures.
• Add single frame capture.
• General performance and stability improvements for all models.
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