Big Pic Media partners with Capella Systems for transcoding and live encoding

Capella Systems – are a relatively new company having been founded in 2009 by the CEO Ikuyo Yamada, previously of Harmonic. The company based  in San Jose, CA focuses on the latest video compression and video recognition technologies.  The team specialise in transcoding and live encoding and have taken the experience they have to produce a set of products that are truly customer focussed and have a track record of responding to client suggestions and needs with the flexibility of a focussed team that is not weighed down by large corporate processes.

The products include:-

CAMBRIA FTC – Cambria FTC is enterprise-level transcoding software. It imports and exports widely used professional digital video formats, including H.264, MPEG-2, DNxHD, and HEVC.

CAMBRIA CLUSTER –  Cambria Cluster is a scalable, transcoding network of multiple Cambria FTC stations for processing a large volume of video files.

 CAMBRIA LIVE – Cambria Live offers the highest-quality H.264 compression in real time for live streaming applications.
CAMBRIA LIVE BROADCAST MANAGER – Cambria Live Broadcast Manager manages multiple Cambria Live workstations for a fully automated live streaming workflow while handling commercial insertion, scheduled live streaming events, and more.