Murideo – Six A Analyzer



After over a year of development the Murideo engineering team has delivered an extremely useful and cost effective field test tool for systems integrators – The Murideo SIX-A. In today’s world of mixed systems and multiple flavors of SD, HD and UHD this tool solves problems – we use the SIX-A in our shop for testing what the manufacturer says a device will do vs. what it will actually do, we use the SIX-A for testing basic and complex switching solutions for maximum capability and performance (including complete high bandwidth HDMI cable testing, HDBaseT and HDIP link testing up to 18 GBPS (that means 8K SUHD, all HDR flavors, plus legacy sources like 480i/p). Plus, we can even use the SIX-A to monitor a pesky system with intermittent issues and capture the data required to fix the system. Consultants will love the SIX-A as a tool for system commissioning and validation.

Quick Features:

  • Analyze any HDMI/DVI signals up to 18 GBPS (4096x2160P60 4:4:4)
  • Test HDMI/DVI Cables up to 18GBPS, full TMDS testing
  • View up to 18GPBS Video Content & Format Info-Anywhere
  • Analyze & Report HDMI Distribution System over Time (minutes, hours, days) – Down to the pixel
  • Audio Confidence Tests – 2-Channel & Multichannel
  • Advanced EDID Analysis & Tools – Read, Write, EDID
  • Analyze HDR Signals & Metadata
  • Report & Analyze InfoFrames
  • HDCP Tester – 2.2, 1.4, None
  • Portable, Battery Operated
Signal Analysis Screen gives you one click analysis of:

  • Timing
  • Frame Rate
  • Color Space
  • HDCP Version Detected
  • TMDS Bandwidth
  • HDR Metadata Received
  • Audio Sampling Frequency
  • Audio Sampling Size
  • Active Audio Channels
  • Audio Coding Type


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