MTI Film – Cortex QC and Reference Player



The most comprehensive Reference Media Player and QC system available with playback of all media types including and specialising in Camera Codec, IMF and DCP playback. The system has a comprehensive validation, measurement and QA toolset including many auto analysis tools like Dead Pixel, MaxFall/Max CLL, Video Level, Audio Level and Loudness, NIT Level, Bit rate, Code Values.

Our validation tools include analysis for Netflix IMP’s as well as Dolby Vision metadata.

With the correct hardware the system can also playback simultaneous SDR and HDR versions of the same media in both HD and 4k via the SDi output card.

The system also has a shared database capability between seats of Cortex QC and other Cortex versions meaning you can QC a version and if you find issues open the project in the Enterprise version to make the fixes.

All of this as well as an upgrade path to a fully capable Mastering Tool from the QC tools if you so wish.

Cortex QC is a must if you are delivering to studio level VoD e.g. Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Apple TV+, Disney+ etc etc.

Available on Annual Subscription Only


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