MTI Cortex V5.5

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The CORTEX family of products includes solutions for on set and post with a fully featured dailies application, IMF, DCP, AS-02 and Dolby Vision™ packaging, multiple QC modules including Dead Pixel Correction, Video Measurement Tools and IMF validation, world class UpRes with MTI-Samsung rescaling, and all with Enhanced Edit capabilities. CORTEX runs on Windows 7 or Windows 10 and utilizes one or more NVidia GPUs. 

Cortex v5.5, a major update to its widely used family of transcoding and workflow solutions. The new version introduces two groundbreaking options, MTai Frame Rate Conversion and MTai Super Resolution Uprez, which apply artificial intelligence to two common tasks, leading to dramatically improved results. Cortex 5.5 also includes a host of new and improved features to its core software to boost productivity, support new formats and delivery requirements, and address workflow issues from the set to the screen.

MTai Frame Rate Conversion represents a leap forward over conventional frame rate conversion processes that rely on duplicating or removing frames. The new tool uses machine learning to interpolate between frames, increasing or decreasing the frame rate without ghosting, stutter or distortion. “The results are stunning,” says MTI Film Director of Product Development Randy Reck. “The software analyzes multiple adjoining frames for motion, background and foreground elements and produces a synthetic frame impossible to distinguish from a real exposure. The motion blur is right. The details are perfect.”

MTai Super Resolution Uprez applies a similar AI-driven process to the task of increasing frame resolution. The tool analyzes adjacent pixels within a single frame to produce intermediary pixels in a smooth transition. The result is not simply a larger image, but one with greater detail and clarity. “It’s magical,” says Reck. “It looks as though you shot the same image at higher resolution.”

Both MTai tools will be available to Cortex users at an annual subscription rate. However, MTI Film is allowing current users to access the tools at no cost for a limited trial period. Please contact us for more information.