mLogic – mTape Thunderbolt LTO Drive


The World’s First Thunderbolt LTO-6 Tape Drive

mTape® Highlights

  • World’s first LTO-6 with Thunderbolt connectivity
  • Supports LTFS for drag and drop functionality
  • 2.5 TB Native storage capacity per tape cartridge (6.25TB compressed)
  • Compatible with industry leading backup and archiving software
  • Dual Thunderbolt ports enables daisy-chaining of Thunderbolt peripherals
  • External SAS port provides expansion for up to four additional tape drives
  • Compact, portable form-factor
  • DC powered – Enables use in any environment
  • Mac OSX and Windows compatible
  • mTape is also available in a SAS only version

LTO made easy. Just connect to a computer with a Thunderbolt port.

mTape revolutionizes LTO, empowering users to easily connect LTO-6 technology to portable, desktop and all-in-one computers that feature Thunderbolt connectivity.  Dead simple.  Another mLogic first.

Hello LTFS. Drag. Drop.

mTape supports the Linear Tape File System (LTFS).  With LTFS, mTape mounts just like a hard disk with drag and drop functionality.

Backup. Archive. Works with your favorite software.

mTape is compatible with industry leading software including:

  • Archiware – (P5)
  • Imagine Products – (PreRoll Post)
  • Retrospect, Inc. (Retrospect)
  • StorageDNA – (DNA Evolution)
  • XenData – (XenData 6 Workstation)
  • YoYotta – (YoYottaID LTFS)

Meet mTape SAS.  mTape’s BFF.

mTape SAS can be attached to mTape to enable simultaneous backups/archives to two or more LTO 6 tapes for the ultimate in data security (requires backup/archive software supporting this feature).  mTape SAS can also be used as a conventional standalone SAS tape drive. An upgrade kit is available to add Thunderbolt connectivity in the future.   mTape SAS will be available in June.

Innovative Design.  Solid engineering.

mTape features a small form-factor design ideal for mobile applications. And mTape is DC powered enabling the unit to be used in any environment.
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