Film is a medium that if stored well can last over 100 years but is often not looked after very well and much of it holds images of value whether they be historical, entertainment, informative or nostalgic.

The reason to digitise the film elements can range from preservation, commercial, information or the need to know what you have and historically the costs to digitise has been prohibitive leading to the loss of some valuable material that cannot be recovered.

The advent new technologies now enable high quality film scans in an efficient and costs effective manner has led to our building of a purpose built facility to digitise your assets no matter what your reasons are without breaking the budgets.

ScanSmiths offer a range of services for the digitisation of film based material – focused primarily around high speed, high resolution ingest processes capable of being scaled to process huge libraries, but also including bespoke low volume rare format ingest of film. Designed and operated by specialists from the industry with decades of experience specifically on and around the challenges of digitisation, Big Pic Media draws on that experience combining it with strong focus on efficiency and accuracy through the use of the very latest technologies.

The net result is a refreshing new service offering for clients, no matter if you are simply digitising 100 feet of film or 10,000,000 feet

Our services

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